Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials ($9.43, $1 extra for beef)

L1.Pad Thai (famous Thai noodle)

Original famous Thai-style noodles choice of chicken or tofu with egg, bean sprout, green onion, preserved radish and topped with minced peanuts.

L2. Panang (thick red curry)

Choice of beef, chicken, pork or tofu in thick Thai red curry with coconut milk broccoli and carrot.

L3. Fried Rice

Choice of beef, chicken or pork fried rice.

L4. Gai pad med mamuang (chicken with cashew nuts)

Chicken sautéed with onion, dried chili, cashew nuts and mushroom.

L5. Eggplant pad prig pow

Crispy deep-fried eggplant topped with shredded chicken sautéed with spicy shrimp paste and basil.

L6. Pad kra pow (basil stir-fry)

Ground beef, chicken, pork or tofu, sautéed with green beans, bell pepper, Thai chili, garlic and basil.

L7. Pad prig (spicy stir fry)

Choice of beef, chicken, pork or tofu sautéed with Thai chili ,onion ,green onion, mushroom and bell pepper.

L8. Garlic chicken

Chicken sauteed with garlic, green bean and oyster sauce.

L9. Drunken Noodles

Rice noodles stir fried with garlic, basil, bell pepper . Choice of ground chicken, beef, pork or fried tofu.

All dishes come with salad, spring roll. All dishes come with jasmine rice excluding noodle and fried rice dishes.